Welcome to Charlie’s Redhouse Farm…


Charlie’s Redhouse Farm actively cultivates roughly 6 of its 64 acres of land. These acres currently boast nine greenhouses in addition to several cultivated fields. The rest of the land is devoted to one large hay field, a grazing field for a variety of livestock, an apple orchard, and a large forest that supplies fire wood to the busy fireplaces at the farm and one of our two restaurants.

Charlie’s Redhouse Farm is unique in the breadth of what it produces. It’s got the basics—lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beans, kale—but also more uncommon produce, like black beans, sunchokes, kohlrabi, and horseradish. Herbs and wild flowers also abound. The farm grows pretty much any vegetable you’ve heard of, and probably a few you haven’t.

We also raise goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, pheasants, and rabbits. Our chickens lay eggs legendary for their rich orange yolks and intense flavor. Two skittish horses act as living lawn mowers, and wander around doing very little other than attracting the attention of curious passersby. 

But it is the connection between the farm and the restaurants that makes it all work. Twice a week, the farm drops off fresh veggies at the restaurants. In return, both restaurants supply the farm with food scraps for the animals, used vegetable friolator oil that fuels the farm’s three vehicles, and discarded oyster shells to add to the beautiful white pathways that wind around the property. It is reckoned that the amount of food waste, oyster shells, and other compost that does NOT end up in a landfill measures in the tons on an annual basis. Talk about renewable resources!