Bright Future !

Where is the farm going?

As farming goes on so does time.The next chapter of a farms story must, and always does continue.

On February 2nd 2018 Charlies Red House Farm posted on a farm finder website looking for new owners that are passionate about their vision and the future of organic farms. As aspiring farmers who have a burning  passion to feed ourselves, children and neighbors with good quality food for generations, we were happy to answer the call.

After meeting with owners Kees and Paul, we quickly learned that we have overlapping values for the future of the farm and decide on a trial year of farming to see if it would be a good fit for all.

We could not be happier for the amazing opportunity to grow more quality food, doing what we love with our family in tow and all at the added price of being certified organic! We are thrilled to learn and carry on the wonderful vision of Charlie’s Red House Farm  while contributing to the forever evolving future of agriculture. Having this amazing opportunity has given us a huge leg up in our plans and we are not interested in taking it for granted.

Charlies Red House Farm has clearly been loved and cared for beautifully, and we are happy to be taking part in the farms story. We are excited to share our story as it unfold and share with you all how your food is grown and how we function as a working family.

This year you will find us taking our wears to the Metro Boston area in Cambridge. As a startup ourselves we were drawn to Kendall Square, the home of Boston Based startups. Kendall Square farmers market will be Thursdays 11am-2pm starting June 7th. We are thrilled to bring great options to those in the city working towards our future health!

Thank you and Happy Growing Season!


Follow us through this journey, if anything we can promise that it will be interesting, and hopefully inspiring! Updates of our story can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.